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Best-sellers for Holiday '16

Posted by Anne Cork on

We all know how important the fourth quarter is to yearly sales. It is important to stock the products that you know are going to sell and sell well in order to take full advantage of this key time.

I have had the opportunity to work

 with the amazing product team at The Grommet for several years now.  They have a unique ability to find the newest, coolest gifts for dad, gifts for mom, and basically gifts for everyone.

Just 2 years ago, they launched their wholesale division so now you can take advantage too.  They have searched high and low for great products and now have hundreds to choose from and it grows daily.  Signing up for wholesale access is free and each product ships from each specific manufacturer so you don't have to worry about their warehouse having it in stock.

Go here to sign up for wholesale access today and check out my list of suggested top-sellers below.

1.  Scribbles Placemats ...and don't forget crayons

These are flying off the shelves at most of our retailers right now and last year we sold out of our 4th Q shipment in early October.  Parents and grandparents love buying these as gifts since they encourage creativity, keep kids busy while dining at a restaurant or home and don't have an "on/off button".  The Grommet carries both the small and large size sets but not the crayons.  You can click HERE to order the crayons from us directly with no minimum order.

2.  Easy Arranger Value Pack

The bright, beautiful packaging on this set plus the great price point is perfect for gifting.  In 2015, this product surpassed the best-selling 3 pack Easy Arranger for the 4th quarter.  Initial sales data suggests it will do the same for 2016.

3.  Duke Cannon Men's Gift Assortment

It is so hard to find a great guy gift but Duke Cannon is here to help.  The soap is huge and the humor is great and they have the added benefit of helping our military veterans.  When you go to The Grommet check out the big crate set for a display with a lot of bang for your buck.

4.  bittersweet hair tie bracelet

What a simple, great, brilliant idea.  And according to the stores I've talked to, they sell amazingly.  This is one of those unique products you could sell as a gift idea for teens, moms or girlfriends. You have to love a beautiful and functional gift.

5.  Guardian Bells

Are you looking for a sentimental gift that can fit in a stocking or something small to recommend for gift exchanges? Think of these Guardian® Bells.  Guardian Bells have a long history of being given as protection and good luck.  Many serious bikers but a bell under their fender for safe travels as well. According to legend, the bells have twice as much power when given as a gift. People can choose a design that fits your loved one’s style, and present them with a double dose of good luck.

This is such a small dose of what The Grommet wholesale can offer you.  When you buy with The Grommet know that you are supporting small, independent makers like myself.  When we all shop small, we can benefit big.

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