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Buying the big idea!

Posted by Anne Cork on

For several months I have been working through my first official acquisition of another company.  I am happy to announce that Annabelle Noel Designs is now the proud owner of Cake Vase, which will soon be called Easy Arranger Cake Vase.

So why did I buy another company? 

Cake Vase is a big idea.  The owners were creative, intelligent, diligent people who spent a lot of money and time developing their big idea.  So why did they sell?  Marketing, selling and the pain that is distribution.  

Having a big idea and a great product that even has strong patents is not enough.  You have to have the full picture in business.  You have to be able to devote time, money and a lot of sweat into making a big idea into a product that sells.  A great product that no one knows about isn't going to sell.

My job is now to take their great idea and make it a great idea that sells in stores.

What do you think? What would make you buy a Cake Vase and where would you go to buy one?

Here's my first arrangement on a store bought cake with Easy Arranger Cake Vase.

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