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It all started when.....

Posted by Anne Cork, Chief Chick, Annabelle Noel Designs on

4-inch-crown-blank-first-prototype.jpgThe number one question I am asked is how I got started.... so here is my story.

Ten years ago, almost 11 now, I was unhappy.  I had lost my mom about a year before and I was having a pretty hard time with it.  I no longer loved my chosen career and I just felt lost. The one thing that really helped was spending time creating jewelry, beading and doing metal sculpture.  I was a realist though.  There was no way I was going to quit my day job to play with beads all day but I had always dreamed of starting my own business.  That year I took the first step by getting name for a business and a tax id.  I chose Annabelle Noel Designs after the nickname my mother had used for me.

I began talking to everyone about my designs and my new passion and lots of friends and co-workers supported me early on.  I did craft shows, worked in my basement after work for hours, and was really having fun.  That's where I thought it would go in my realistic brain.  Fun, just fun. 

Then one night a friend at a women's group meeting handed me a catalog she thought would inspire me for my jewelry designs.  On the cover was a doily covering a pitcher of lemonade with little beads on it.  I thought it was cute but my friend said "Oh, I thought that was for arranging flowers".  Then something sparked in me.  It was the spark that started my new future

I went home and ran to the basement and took my silver wire (yes sterling...its all I had) and began making a five petal flower.  I kept weaving more and more petals around the flower until it was about 4 inches wide.  I eagerly grabbed a vase and pushed my creation over the top.  IT HELD!  I literally ran to my car and sped to my local Trader Joe's and grabbed a bouquet of flowers.  When I got home I put the flowers in the petal openings.  Each flower was held perfectly.  I about cried.  I knew in my gut that something special had happened but I had NO idea where to go from here.

What was it called? Had anyone ever done this before? Would anyone buy them?  For how much? Who would make them?

Moral of the story?

Step 1 to starting your own business:  Do something you love and take one practical step to making it into a business.  Apply for a business license, take a class on start up business, or just talk with friends about it.  With each step, the dream becomes more of a reality.

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