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Leap of faith

Posted by Anne Cork on

I had a great product idea and I knew it in my gut.  After a little online research, I soon discovered that there wasn't anything like my creation.  I was excited but also terrified.  

Where do you go from here?  I would say that over ten years I have learned that this step is where I made a vital decision.  I decided to go forward.  I didn't just say "I am a sales rep with a nursing degree. I can't do this."  Believe me, there were times I thought it but I didn't let it stop me. The reason I didn't let it stop me was simple:  support.

Part of my support team:  Chris (husband), Gary and Sue Cork (in-laws)  circa 2003

I was surrounded by support.  My husband, my father and brother, my best friends, my in-laws and co-workers all had one message for me, "Go for it."  They kept telling me that now was the time to take the risk and that it was worth pursuing.  I was driven in my own right but their words of encouragement gave me the extra push I needed.

I can't say what I would have done if someone had laughed or told me I was crazy.  Maybe I believed in my design enough but I can say that it made it so much easier to take the leap knowing that they were there to catch me if I fell.

Moral of the story:  The courage to take the step into the unknown is scary but worth it.  Enlist the support and help of everyone you can.  On the toughest days, when you feel the most like you are in over your head, these are the people that will keep you on the path. 

Next week:  What's in a name?

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